Dish Washer

Dishes & Bowls Washing Machine is designed on the basis of studying high quality domestic and international washing machines, with excellent performance. It’s the general-purpose cleaning equipment in the Kitchen and Hospitality. It’s compact, handsome in appearance, complete functions, wide application, good cleaning effect, can meet the cleaning requirements of a variety of metals, non-metallic Dishes & Bowls.

Automatic SS Industrial Kitchen Dish Washing Machine. Discover SS Engineer’s industrial washing machine solution today by contacting us directly for a tailor made quotation for your needs. SS Engineer’s washer can clean everything, from transportation and packing Crates to production line Crates and utensils. If necessary, SS Engineers can customized your material handling system suiting to your specific needs.
  1. Various size, a function designed as customer`s requirement.
  2. Application: Dishes, Bowls and Kitchen utilities cleaning.
  3. All our machines could be customized designing and manufacturing.
  4. We are the manufacturing factory.