Our History

What is the Company’s history?

Our History: A Legacy of Innovation

In 1999, entrepreneur Kantilal Jain Kothari, a man known for his dedication to hard work and community, laid the foundation for SS Engineers & Consultants. Driven by a desire to make a significant impact, he envisioned a company that would become a leader in the industrial processing systems sector.

Originally named Sri Pumps and Fittings Industrial Corporation (SPFIC), the company initially focused on manufacturing valves and fittings specifically for industrial applications. With unwavering support for his sons who spearheaded the venture, Mr. Kothari reinvested for eight years, prioritizing growth over immediate returns.

This commitment to innovation and long-term vision fueled the company's expansion. SS Engineers & Consultants emerged, extending its expertise beyond valves and fittings to encompass a wider range of industrial processing solutions.

Today, we continue to honor Mr. Kothari's legacy by relentlessly pursuing excellence and client satisfaction across diverse industrial segments.