Plate Heat Exchanger - PHE

SS Engineers manufacture Stainless Steel Industrial Plate Heat Exchanger and industrial heat exchangers to meet the diversified requirements of assortment of industries. Our set of industrial plate heat exchangers are manufactured from the amalgamation of superior technology like sealing technology and improved plate design.

The construction of the inlet part makes a perfect distribution of the liquids across the heating surface. The inlet part is increased and supplied with grooves preventing "dead spots" which may cause the growth of bacteria in the plate heat exchanger. The inlet with groves secures a strong inlet part with a minimum of contact points.

Our series of heat exchanger plates is available for various range of SS 304, SS316, SS 316L. Our collection of PHE’s find their application in diverse industrial applications in chemical, offshore, oil & gas, petrochemicals power plants, pulp & paper, steel, sugar, vegetable oil, breweries & distilleries, dairy & beverages, and many more.

Plate Heat Exchanger